saco 4 estaciones para nido de bebé Petite Marmotte

4 Season sleep sack Grey


4 Season Sleep Sack, ideal for tucking in the baby in the baby nest. You can also use it as a carrycot swaddling blanket.

The best way to ensure your baby is at the ideal sleep temperature is with our sleep sack. In winter you can use it with the 2 fillings, in spring and autumn with only one, and in summer without one (as if it were a thin sheet). Very soft, light, and comfortable.

Grey background print with small crosses, unisex, and very stylish.

100% organic cotton, hypoallergenic, and breathable.

Covered side zipper to keep your baby out of contact with the zipper. Zips down to make changing diapers easier without waking up your baby. Includes two feather padding fillers of 60 gm.

Measurements: 41 x 69 cm.


Envíos en 24-48h laborables.

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